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COVID-19 & Temperature Screening

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With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc, it is important to ensure that maximum precautions are taken to ensure that risks of infections are minimized to the lowest possible.  The most common symptom of an infected person is elevated body temperature.  Hence, it is important to utilize a system that can help to regularly and accurately screen individuals to ensure they do not display fever symptom.  

Whilst it is possible to utilize forehead thermometers to take temperature measurements, it is only feasible to do so if the number of persons to be screened is a small number.  If the temperature screening involves a large number of persons, then it will likely cause a major congestion and long queues.  Taking temperature using forehead thermometers also requires the screener and the target to be within close proximity which contravenes social distancing guidelines.

When temperature screening is required for large number of persons, such as thousands of people in a factory or large office building environment, the more ideal approach is to utilize good thermal scanners which do not need persons to stop walking while being screened.  Due to the high speed, high sensitivity and high resolution of such thermal scanners, persons with elevated body temperature will still be easily identified.  Screening can be performed from a safe distance.

For companies and organizations wanting to operate during Movement Control Order, it is now mandatory that temperature screening be conducted.  Please refer to “Prosedur Operasi Standard Am Dan Garis Panduan Am Kebenaran Beroperasi Serta Pergerakan Pekerja Bagi Syarikat-Syarikat Dalam Tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan” by Ministry of International Trade and Industry. In particular “19. Syarikat hendaklah menyediakan alat saringan suhu badan atau thermal scanner ….”

Covid-19 & Temperature Screening

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